Recent years have been full of books, movies, television shows, and newspaper editorials that all try to predict what kind of future with artificial intelligence might be for humans. Some imagine worrying scenarios, while others predict improvement in our ways of working and living. If industrial robots have been around for decades and concentrated much of the consumers’ worries, the combination of robotics and artificial intelligence heralds the arrival of the personal robots in our everyday life.

The global management consulting firm  Boston Consulting Group expects consumers robotics to be the fastest-growing market reaching $ 23 billion in 2025. At Blue Frog Robotics’ level, we have experienced this craze for personal robots, our Indiegogo and pre-sales campaign have been a huge success (+500% over the objective), Buddy Your emotional Robot, has 30 000 fans, 1.5 million views on youtube and every day we receive messages from our future consumers waiting to welcome Buddy into their homes.

What do consumers want? 

In 2019, the Consumer Technology Association released a study that shows an almost universal enthusiasm for consumer robotics (87 %). Yes, consumers are excited and ready. However, consumers’ excitement is not enough. As a consumer-centric company, we know that. We know that a successful business model and a compelling fit to market robot must come up from solving consumers’ frustrations and problems in a way that’s new and exciting. To create Buddy, we started from there.

The Gap Between Technology Innovation and Human Needs

The world is changing fast. We feel it every day. But there is one core truth that can help us make sense of all this change and spot meaningful directions of travel. That truth is, amid all this change, we are still the same humans with the same basic human needs searching for connection, security, fun, and self-improvement.

At the same time, we observe that consumers’ relationship with technology is still maturing which is reframing of their expectations and frustrations. If technology, growing smarter by the day, provides consumers constant connection to everyone everywhere plus an exciting feeling of ubiquity and omniscience; it also redirects their attention (and the use of their precious time) far from who they really are. It leads to an increase of time famine, the gradual decline of important relationships – with parents, children, or partners, the birth of a new type of loneliness and the undermining of their overall wellbeing.

“ I just realized that I don’t consume technology anymore, It is the other way around. I am consumed by technology “ Lauren from NewYork City, 38 years old. 

What Did We Solve? 

Today, consumers want tech to free them, not to alienate them. They want smart products that free them from tedious tasks and allow them to focus on what matters. They want natural and intuitive products to interact with, communicate with, work with as partners, and teach them new capabilities. They want to buy time-saving tech products.

But they can’t find them.

They face multiple, complex (and addictive) tech products and services greedy in time and costly, unable to fulfill, all at once, their needs of efficiency, value, convenience, delight and free time!

“If I can’t stop the march of progress, I can decide which type of technology my family and I want to consume to feel good” François from Paris, 40 years old. 

Creating a Personal Robot That Stands By Consumers Side.

At Blue Frog Robotics, we are working on making technology for good. Good for the mood, the brain, the overall life of our consumers. By leveraging existing research and syndicated consumer data sets to understand our customers’ needs and aspirations, we understood that creating a robot is not about the best tech innovation and features, but always about how well technology becomes a service to one’s basic human needs: convenience, connection, security, fun, self-improvement and time.

Here are the key factors that make Buddy a Perfect Companion Robot that eases consumer life.

Buddy is An All In One Robot

To answer to consumers’ needs and wants, we designed an all in one robot with 4 vital capabilities: intelligence, emotionality, mobility, and customization.

With his multi-purpose brain, he addresses a broad range of needs in modern-day life, from securing homes to carrying out his owners’ daily activities, from helping people with disabilities to educating children, from entertaining to just becoming a robot friend.

Buddy is a disruptive innovative Robot that is about to transform the way we live, learn, utilize information, play, and even care about our health.

With Endless Possibilities

One of the major advantages of Buddy is his adaptability. Beyond being adorable, playful, talkative, and a companion to anyone in their daily life whether they are comfortable with the technology or not; he offers engagements to his owners in a wide range of activities via his platform applications. From fitness to cooking, from health monitoring to education, from games to meditation, the combination of intelligence, emotionality, sensors, mobility, and screen, opens endless possibilities for consumers and organizations to adapt their Buddy to their own needs.

At an affordable Price

Buddy will be the first robot combining smart, social, and mobile capabilities as well as a developed platform to enter the US market at an affordable price.

Our competitors differentiate themselves by features: mobile or non-mobile, by shapes: humanoid or not, by skills: social versus smart or by targeting a specific domain: toys, entertainment, retail assistant, eldercare, education for children, and by price. Buddy remains highly differentiated as an all-in-one, best of his class experience, covering the needs for social interactions and smart and mobile assistance of his owners at each stage of their life at an affordable price. The competitive price of Buddy will be below $ 2000.

We all need help every now and then, to free, ease and simplify the tasks of our lives, address unexpected problems, or just feel good. Technology should help us. This is why Blue Frog Robotics exists; to create playful and efficient robots that benefit everyone around them. Buddy is our answer to what it means for a consumer to make the most of a companion robot at their disposal: a smile in their home and in their life. 

Click to know more about Buddy and Blue Frog Robotics. 

This post has been written in collaboration with Rodolphe Hasselvander, CEO of Blue Frog Robotics.


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