Robots are shaping the world of tomorrow. Robotics, Automation, and AI are groundbreaking technologies and will affect our lives in the near future. Much of the discussion of robots is how they will take care of us. Care is fundamental to everyday life. We can define care by all the things we constantly do to make life more bearable for ourselves and others. Care seeks to lighten what is heavy and relieve what is painful.

Robots can sustain us as we make our way through the world that can be hostile and challenging at times. To do so, a caring and fundamentally respectful approach that takes people as they are, and as they change, is needed.

“The key of robot success does not only lie in their functionality, but in their ability to adapt to their user’s living conditions and their sociability.” E.Martinez-Martin and A.P del Pobil Members of the Robotic Intelligence Laboratory

Combining robotics and artificial intelligence, Blue Frog Robotics creates revolutionary robots that adapt to these human changes, providing the right care at the right time, place and cost.

The all-in-one nature of Blue Frog Robotics’ robot Buddy offers power, mobility, and monitoring capabilities that support wellbeing, security, and independence to vulnerable populations. It combines 5 vital capabilitiesemotionality for communication and connection, intelligence for assistance and information, mobility for navigating in changing environments and performing tasks, customization for adaptability and personalized engagement (via buddy’s assisted platform). And affordability, Buddy will be the first robot combining smart, social, and mobile capabilities as well as a developed platform to enter the US market at an affordable price.

The Cost Imperative in Healthcare

Lowering costs while improving the outcomes is a central challenge for healthcare. With projected expenditures of $4.4 trillion in 2018, US health spending could potentially grow more than 300 percent over the course of just 18 years (CMS, 2009). Buddy, recognized as the best social, smart and mobile robot for home as well as the first developed platform with a personality, with a price below $ 2000 offers new and unmatched areas of competitiveness for the healthcare industry.

Caregiver Robot Buddy: Helping Healthcare Systems to Improve their Quality of Care. 

Buddy, emotional and smart, can help healthcare systems around the world to improve their quality of care. He has been designed with utilitarian and effective capabilities to help people. Self-aware, intelligent and able to navigate changing environments, he can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices or home settings to assist, support, or provide care for the sick, disabled, young, elderly or otherwise vulnerable people. He offers meaningful enrichment of the patient journey by improving: the therapeutic relationship between caregiver and care-receiver with the aim to meet a range of care needs of users, the relationship between the patient and his health to better cope with their state and the relationship between patients, hospitals & extended-care facilities.

Having a positive impact on the patient’s welfare 

Caring about tomorrow while paying attention to today is as essential for individuals as it is for companies, especially when it comes to balancing technology and health. Much of the technological development we see nowadays focuses on promoting positive change in the world. The focus on innovation and advance is not solely on what we can do in the world, but what we should do in order to improve it for those around us.  As a part of the process of becoming a leading provider of personal robotics, Blue Frog Robotics is actively involved in shaping the future by introducing pioneering technologies that augment healthcare and patients’ abilities.

“Better Care, Care Fully” is our motto to continuously develop smart robots with a smile, that benefit everyone around them.


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