In today’s healthcare systems, patient care pathways can involve many different components each providing a specific area of care. Poor care interfaces and process joins can lead to inefficiency and additional cost and can diminish the patient experience and result in lower satisfaction and poor patient care. Buddy healthcare system promotes quality, cost, effectiveness and service sustainability.

Buddy, emotional and smart, can help healthcare systems around the world to improve their quality of care. He has been designed with utilitarian and effective capabilities to help people. Self-aware, intelligent and able to navigate changing environments, he can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices or home settings to assist, support, or provide care for the sick, disabled, young, elderly or otherwise vulnerable people. He offers meaningful enrichment of the patient journey by improving the therapeutic relationship between caregiver and care – receiver with the aim to meet a range of care needs of users.

New Ways of Experiencing Healthcare

Buddy offers new and improved ways of building relationships with patients via powerful new engagement dynamics: wonder, deep personalization, proactivity, personality, and purpose. Buddy is designed to deliver a patient experience different from any other technology on the market; with a mission to offer a world of scalable, personalized services, bringing flat content (audio content or content trapped behind flat screens) to life in professional settings. Via these specialized skills, he enhances the way patients interact with a hospital’s vital information and services, improving quality and consistency of patient experience.

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